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Great product

Very nice decoration for a desk or shelf! Picture quality looks great



Fast shipping and the quality is amazing! The picture I sent them was not the highest resolution I have. I can tell they took some time to doctor this up and make it look crystal clear! Will be ordering more from them

Chuck C


What a perfect product. Customization was easy to do. Photo quality is great. I have the 3x3 frame and it looks awesome. This is the perfect gift. A memory to keep close by on my desk.The quality of the frame is very good. Love it!


Beautiful frame

Very well crafted frame. We purchased this for a memorial photo for someone family


Exactly what I hoped for!

Arrived right on time and well packaged. Print quality was beautiful with no flaws, especially considering the photo I used was pretty low quality, it came out even better than I hoped. I have absolutely no complaints. This made an excellent gift that will last forever, well worth the price. I’ll be ordering many more for the holidays. :)


Quality & Cute

These acrylic  cubes are so cute ! I just ordered my 11th in the 3x3 size. These make great gifts, personalized by me. They are crystal clear & I like how you can see the picture from all angles. Had a small tracking problem & customer service was awesome. Answered my question within 2 minutes & had my order the next day! These are addictive!!!

Pat C

Awesome !

I was a little apprehensive about this product when I purchased it, but it did not disappoint. These are absolutely perfect, couldn’t be happier. I got a set of three and they all came exactly I expected with no issue. They were purchased for my to have some small photos of the kids at work and she absolutely loved them. I did see some not so great reviews, but those seemed to be people complaining about issues with the photos that were things that are clearly stated in the instructions not to do. Use quality photos, follow the instructions they give and I’m sure you’ll be as happy with the purchase as I am.

Vernon P

Exceeded my expectations.

Orderer 3 of 3x3 for my pet pics. Came out beautiful.  Very Good quality.  Wanted to post pic, but for some reason wouldn't upload.

Jodi Bogart

Love it.

I have too many pictures on the wall....this is a perfect way for me to add additional pictures I love to my home without taking up more wall space.


It's perfect

It was great, the picture quality is perfect!

L. Covington

Better than expected

Hard to see in a photo so I’ll explain. I bought 3 of these cubes with different photos for three different people and they were all so clear.  Great buy!

Colleen Mayer


Neat little gift idea.

Gary T.

Beautiful product and customisation!

The product looks amazing. The seller is also very nice as there were some issues with the delivery of the product to my address but they managed to redeliver it without any issues. And the product quality is also very nice. Will surely recommend as a gift to your loved ones!


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